3 simple ways to keep your oil fresher for longer

3 simple ways to keep your oil fresher for longer

Refined oils are hydrogenated to increase its shelf life. Cold pressed oils are extracted without using hydrogenation or any other chemicals and so have a shorter shelf life. Depending on the oil, it’s usually between 6 months to 1 year. However, there are some ways to store your oil that will help keep it fresher for longer.

Keep your oil away from

- oxygen

- light 

- heat


Always keep the lid of the container closed tight. Too much oxygen deteriorates the quality of oil. Use air-tight containers. And close the lid as soon as you pour out some for your cooking.

Light and heat

Keep the oil away from sunlight and heat (away from your stove). Store it in a cool, dark place. Higher temperatures break it down and turn it rancid.

Avoid transparent plastic and glass bottles that are more exposed to light and heat. Use material like metal tins, stainless steel containers or the opaque Gramiyaa carton that your oil comes in.


A common follow up question:

Can you refrigerate oils to make it last longer? 

It's best to use cooking oils within 6 months. Refrigeration can add a couple of more months. But it changes texture and reduces flavour. So it's best to buy them fresh every 2-3 months instead of refrigerating to increase shelf-life.

If you buy oils in plastic bottles, how do you store them? Do you transfer it into steel containers or store it as you bought it? Tell us in the comments.

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