What is Cold Pressed Oil ?

Traditionally, edible oils were prepared by crushing seeds using a stone mill and a wooden pestle. There was no heat involved in this process. Hence the term wood cold pressed oil, or marachekku ennai. As there is no heat used to extract the oil from seeds, the oil retains its true nutrition and aroma.

With large-scale industrial manufacturing however, the oils are extracted using intensive mechanical and chemical processes. Temperatures of over 180 degree Celsius and high pressures are employed for extraction. Furthermore, the resulting seed pulp and oil are washed in a hexane solvent bath and then steamed again to squeeze out more oil.  This process strips the oils of their nutritious benefits and natural flavour, aroma completely. And breaks down the healthy fatty acids in oil seeds to harmful trans-fats.

How we prepare our oils

Gramiyaa oils are prepared using the original cold pressed oil method, using a stone mill with a wooden pestle. With elaborate R&D, we have engineered machinery to run those exact traditional elements, just like how the old ox-driven mills would run them.

We take diligent care to retain the principles of traditional practices. So much so that we ensure that the machine rotates only 14 times in a minute, as it was in the old ox-driven mill, to avoid heating and preserve the nutrients.

The Gramiyaa cooking experience

Using wood and stone mills does more than preserving nutrition. It also preserves the authentic flavour and aroma of the oils. When you use Gramiyaa oils, you will be treated to a nostalgic trip to traditional times, when the distinct scent of groundnuts, sesame or coconut were tangible in the kitchen. This creates a richer cooking experience.

Moreover, Gramiyaa oils are filtered in multiple layers of cotton fabric to remove the sediments present in cold pressed oils. Normally, the sediments are removed by adding and mixing certain chemical solvents to the otherwise ‘organic’ oil.

We do not believe in additives and preservatives. Though we lose 20% of the oil in our cloth-filtering process, this has many benefits for you. Firstly, the filtering process removes the bitterness of oil, making the taste more rich. Secondly, it reduces splattering of oil while cooking. This further elevates the cooking experience, letting you prepare your recipes in comfort. 

You might find Gramiyaa oils to be priced higher than your local cold pressed oil supplier. But we promise, you won’t go back to them once you try Gramiyaa.

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