2+2 ltr Wood Cold Pressed Groundnut and Sesame Oil + 500ml A2 Cow Ghee


2+2 ltr Wood Cold Pressed Groundnut and Sesame Oil + 500ml A2 Cow Ghee

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Get the goodness of healthy fats with wood cold pressed oils & A2 cow ghee. 

Gramiyaa wood cold pressed oils are made in traditional stone mills with a slow running wood pestle (14rpm). Our true traditional process retains all the vital nutrients and the rich flavour, aroma of the sun-dried oil seeds.

Get the goodness of healthy fats, while having zero trans-fats (bad cholesterol) with our wood pressed oils extracted at temperatures less than 50°C.

Our cold pressed oils are passed through multiple layers of cotton fabric to remove the bitter and splattering sediments that are usually found in cold pressed oils.


Kangeyam cows graze freely on organic farms and breed naturally in a stress-free environment. The healthy cows produce milk rich in A2 protein and nutrients.

This A2 milk is first turned into curd. The curd is hand-churned using a traditional method called Bilona. It’s then slow heated to make cultured ghee.

As the most unadulterated ghee, it’s delicious and retains all the nutritional benefits. A2 ghee is highly digestible and suitable for dairy sensitive people. Its yellow colour comes from a pigment called beta carotene. It boosts our body with Vitamin A and immunity.

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