Gramiyaa oils are minimally processed in wood and stone mills. The process not only retains nutrition and flavour for you, it also helps us significantly reduce energy and water consumption compared to refined oils.
Packed in Paper Based Cartons
Gramiyaa oils are packed in opaque paper based cartons that protect the oil from sunlight and keep them fresh as new. These cartons also reduce plastic usage and carbon consumption.

80% less plastic
used in Gramiyaa
cartons than PET bottles

67% less CO2 emitted
in making of Gramiyaa
cartons than PET bottles

Fuel Efficient Transportation

Filled Gramiyaa cartons occupy 25% less volume during transport compared to circular PET/glass bottles.

Moreover, empty and folded cartons while sent to our oil mill occupy less space compared to empty PET/glass bottles.

Recycling of Cartons

A recent study by TERI and Tetra Pak observed carton recycling in India has increased from 11% in 2011 to 54% in 2019. These cartons are made into secondary recycled products such as partition boards, construction materials etc.

Rinse and flatten your used cartons and then dispose them along with recyclable waste. Your local municipal corporation trucks will carry and drop them off at collection points.