Why we exist
Gramiyaa’s story began with an aim to standardise cold pressed oils and make it the go-to choice like earlier days.
Oils are the most important for cooking. But commonly used refined oils are the most harmful for health. So Gramiyaa’s founder set out to bring a solution. Here’s how it all began.
Our Founder

Sibi Manivannan regularly visited oil refineries to buy cooking oils for his family’s restaurant business. And was disappointed with the rampant usage of chemical solvents and flavour essences in everyday refined oils.

Having grown up in a family of traditional chekku (ghani) oil-makers, he got involved with the idea of bringing these healthy, nutrition-rich oils back into everyday cooking.

Our Facility

With extensive R&D, the Gramiyaa team built traditional stone mills inside a modern hygienic facility. Like earlier times, oil is minimally processed, unheated, and extracted with zero chemicals.

Our People

We take pride in the fact that Gramiyaa facility is now operated by a group of local traditional oil makers who had to leave their profession over the past two decades and move into low-skill jobs.

Our Presence

Gramiyaa now makes minimally processed oils and ghee, which are delivered super-fast to our customers across the country from local warehouses in 5 metros.