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Groundnut oil
Coconut oil
Sesame oil

What Gramiyaa Does Differently

Mass produced food ingredients are highly processed. They contain unhealthy components and harmful additives. But, minimally processed foods have unscalable and unregulated facilities. They run risks of hygiene and adulteration. So, what’s a hygienic yet healthy choice? Gramiyaa.

Gramiyaa products are minimally processed in standardised & hygienic facilities. They contain zero preservatives and chemical additives.


Sun-dried to retain taste and aroma
Extracted at 50 deg C to retain maximum nutrients
Sieved with cotton fabric to remove bitter sediments
No chemicals, untouched by hands, machine-packed


ISO 22000:2018

Why Buy Gramiyaa Oils?

For You

Consistent and reliable
Strict manufacturing systems ensure consistent and quality products.
Demand for healthier alternatives
Customers are replacing highly processed foods with healthier alternatives.
More in less shelf space
Gramiyaa cartons occupy 25% less volume during transport, storage and display.

For Your Customers

Delicious aroma and taste
Mindfully made to preserve natural aroma and taste.
100% chemical-free
No preservatives, no chemicals, no fillers and no adulterants.
Grease-proof packaging
Easy-to-use and grease-proof, paper-based packaging carton.

About Gramiyaa

With roots in the ox-driven oil mills, Gramiyaa’s founders are 2nd generation, traditional oil makers. They introduced time-honoured oil making practices to modern production facilities in 2016. Established in Trichy, the wood and stone mill facility is designed to minimally process food while retaining maximum nutrients.

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