Top 6 Ideas for Indian Morning Breakfast

Dinner is done, but you are already thinking about what you will have for breakfast tomorrow! After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As they say, you must have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper (of course, most of us Indians will dine like a king all three times and then sneak some snacks in between that too!)

So, breakfast!

Have you ever wondered about the word itself? This is a meal when you are actually breaking a fast – one that you undertook, while you were sleeping and allowing your body and mind to recuperate. Obviously, when you wake up in the morning, your body needs refuelling and nourishment, which will keep you going for several hours – hence the importance of breakfast. 

In India, breakfast is almost a tradition – no matter which part of the country you go to, you will find dishes that are synonymous with the first meal of the day. You will also see that several Indian breakfast ideas are completely vegetarian; while you might find the masala omelette on several dining tables in the morning, you will see a lot more pure vegetarian options. 

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Presenting our list of best breakfasts in India

Although we are pretty sure that every Indian will have a different list of items, when asked about their breakfast options, these we believe are ones that will figure on almost all the lists. 

  1. Idli, dosa and sambar – Cliched as it might sound, but for most Indians who come from the southern part of India, breakfast generally means idli, vada, dosa, sambar and chutney or some combination of these. The batter for idli and dosa is not very different, as a matter of fact, in several households, the same batter will be used for both; it is just the method of preparation that will vary. So, while the idli will be steamed into deliciously fluffy cake like shapes, the dosa will be spread thin on a tawa to reach that crispy perfection. Doughnut-like vadas are deep fried goodness, which offer the perfect crunch and savoury soft goodness in a single bite. To accompany these items, you will either need a spicy soulful sambar, a thick chutney or perhaps some podi with sesame oil?
  2. Paratha – If one were to list breakfast options of Indian origin, then the paratha has to make an appearance! The fact that any kind of stuffing can make a paratha is probably what makes this such a popular option. While the traditional fillings include potato, cauliflower, radish and paneer, Indian mothers have the incredible talent to convert literally anything into a filling, including the leftovers from the previous night! Start your day with a delicious paratha that is cooked with love and of course a lot of ghee! 
  3. Poha – Batata poha or kanda poha – which is your favourite? This dish from the western states of India is a beloved option for those who prefer light breakfast options and Indian moms love this dish for its simplicity and quick cooking. Flattened rice, that is lightly washed is tempered with some basic spices, plenty of onions, potatoes and peanuts. The final garnish of coriander leaves and a quick squeeze of lemon juice, makes this a delicious way to start the day. And the fact that you need only a few spoons of oil (preferably something from our range of cold pressed oils) for a big batch makes it a healthy option too! 
  4. Chole bhature – And in case you are not too much on the light breakfast bandwagon, then we suggest you try out the absolutely decadent chole bhature. A dish that is believed to have originated from the state of Punjab, this dish has two components – the chole, a flavour bomb created with boiled chickpeas and a range of spices, and the bhature, which is a deep fried bread that is spongy and downright heavenly! Because it is deep fried, this breakfast combination can be quite filling and is a good option if you have a long day ahead of you! 
  5. Methi thepla – Perhaps the go-to breakfast option for almost all Gujaratis, the thepla might seem humble and uncomplicated – however, it is not only absolutely delicious, but also a really healthy Indian breakfast. A combination of flours, traditionally wheat and gram, a handful of methi leaves and just some basic spices can create a paratha like breakfast, which is filling and delicious. All you need along with it is some yoghurt or some pickles and then there is the fact that a thepla travels really well; so even if you eat your breakfast on the move, this would be a good choice!  
  6. Rava uthappam – When you are in a rush, but still want something delicious, it might be a rava uthappam that comes to your rescue – semolina or rava is mixed with some yoghurt and once the rava has soaked in the moisture, you can make thick small pancakes, which can be topped with almost anything your heart desires – from grated carrots and beetroot to just chopped onions and tomatoes. And if you are purist, then just plain uthappams with a thick luscious coconut chutney! 

We hope that we have gotten you at least on the edge of salivating and given you some ideas on what to prepare for your breakfast tomorrow! There are many more healthy Indian breakfast ideas that you can try and enjoy and using good quality ingredients, including vegetables, flours, cold pressed oils and ghee will not only add to the taste but also up the nutrition quotient! 

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